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We are excited to announce that the building fundraising phase of St Anne Junior College for Girls in India is completed! We are now gearing up to furnish the building and purchase the school supplies needed in preparation for the arrival of the girls in June. This means we are in the final fundraising phase before opening and we need your help! Your gift today will help us to provide girls from impoverished families with a quality education and care.

This new phase we are in will include furnishing the science labs, classrooms, auditorium, and dormitory. We will also need to supply the girls with uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies. We plan to welcome 100 girls into the Junior College beginning June 2024 (50 boarders and 50-day school attendees) with a goal of expanding to 200 girls the following school year.

  • $15 – School supplies for one girl (pencils, pens, notebooks, other school supplies for 100 girls, for a total of $1,500)
  • $25 – Uniforms (needed for 100 girls, for a total of $2,500)
  • $50 – Textbooks (needed for 100 girls, for a total of $5,000)
  • $100 – Bed and bedding (needed for 50 girls, for a total of $5,000)
  • $150 – Student desk (75 desks needed, for a total of $11,250)
  • $250 -Teacher’s desk and chair (15 needed, for a total of $3,750)
  • $500 – One computer station (we need 20 stations, for a total of $10,000)
  • $1,000 – Everything one girl needs (including bed, bedding, wardrobe, toiletries, clothing, school supplies, textbooks, miscellaneous other needs. This donation also includes a $240 sponsorship for one girl for the year.)  
  • $2,500 – Fund the library (shelves, books, desks, etc.)
  • $5,000 – One of four science labs (Physics, Chemistry, Botany, or Zoology labs for a total of $20,000)
  • $7,500 – Fund the auditorium (sound system, chairs, other equipment)

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