You are important!

Like a rainbow, you can be a bridge of hope to children in need! As a member of the Abode for Children Team, you can help provide a life-changing atmosphere where helpless children in dire poverty are nurtured and guided to become people of hope and direction.

The investment of your love and financial assistance will help raise children to become confident and productive citizens so they may be equipped to raise the standard of living for themselves and their community.


St. Joseph Orphanage/School

Located in the African village of Ogoja, Nigeria, St. Joseph Orphanage is home to 160 to 200 children and the school serves close to 800 students in any given year. From Nursery to Senior Secondary III, children are nurtured in a safe environment which fosters a healthy growth and development of body, mind and spirit. Learn More.


St. Thomas Orphanage/School

Located in the Indian village of Cherukupalli, within the Guntur district of the state of Andhra Pradesh, St Thomas Orphanage and Mary Rose Buds School provides a home and education to impoverished boys and girls from Standard IV to Standard X. Learn More.